Nursing Jobs in UK. International Nursing and healthcare professional Jobs for in NHS UK have a special role in providing healthcare to patients. International nurses play a crucial role in the National Health Service (NHS) in the United Kingdom. Nurses contribute to the healthcare system by filling staffing gaps and providing essential care to patients. Here are some common job roles for international nurses in NHS UK hospital are:

  • Registered Nurse (RN): International nurses can work as registered nurses.
  • Staff Nurse: This is a general nursing role that involves direct patient care in different departments of the hospitals.
  • Clinical Nurse Specialist (CNS): International nurses with specialized skills and experience may become clinical nurse specialists in areas such as diabetes, wound care, oncology, or cardiology.
  • Nurse Practitioner (NP): Nurse practitioners in the NHS have advanced clinical training and can diagnose, treat, and manage patients with various health conditions.
  • Midwife: International midwives provide antenatal, intrapartum, and postnatal care to expectant mothers and newborns.
  • Intensive Care Unit (ICU) Nurse: ICU nurses care for critically ill patients who require constant monitoring and specialized treatment.
  • Operating Room (OR) Nurse: OR nurses, also known as theater nurses, work in surgical settings.

International Nurse Recruitment in NHS UK

International Nurse Recruitment in NHS UK. Find Best Nursing jobs in UK for Indian Nurses. Get jobs abroad in Nursing career. Best opportunity to stand out and shine, International Nursing Jobs in UK.  Nursing staff shortage in Uk attracts International Nurses. NHS UK is recruiting Nurses from India and other countries.  Nurses perform a wide range of tasks to heal the sick and keep the people healthy. Looking for Nursing Jobs in UK for Indian nurses?. Ventura Nursing Jobs abroad Nurse recruitment portal offers best nursing jobs in NHS Trust UK with higher payments and better livelihood. Nursing Jobs available for Registered Nurses from all specialties including Medical, Surgical, Theatres, Paediatrics, Intensive Care Unit, Coronary Care Unit, Orthopaedics, Gynaecology, Oncology, PICU & NICU. Best paid Job openings for Nurses in London, Wales, Sussex, Manchester, East Kent, Swindon, Brighton, Bath and Coventry along with Ireland. 

Top 5 Nursing Jobs in UK

Top 5 Nursing Jobs in UK: UK's Top Nursing jobs for Indians to work are; Adult Nursing (RN1), Mental Health Nursing (RN3), Learning Disability Nursing (RN5), Children’s Nursing (RN8) and Midwifery Nursing (RM). Apply Now to get job and work in UK as a Nurse. 

Nursing Jobs in UK for Foreigners

Nursing Jobs in UK for Foreigners. Nurse jobs in the UK for foreigners seeking international healthcare opportunities. The United Kingdom offers one of the best healthcare system in the world, advanced medical technologies, and a patient population that enriches professional experiences. These nurse roles come up with attractive salaries and other benefits that create demand for foreign nurses to work in UK.

Capital Nurse Jobs in London UK

Capital Nurse jobs in London UK. Nurse Vacancy for Capital Nurse in NHS Trust London United Kingdom.  Capital Nurse will work as part of a team to provide a safe, effective, efficient care environment for patients, relatives and carers. They will be responsible for the assessment, planning, implementation and evaluation of programmes of care under indirect supervision from senior staff. 

Duties / Roles and Responsibilities:

  • Carries out a full range of registered nurse duties, including assessment, planning, implementation and evaluation of the patient’s condition and care with support from the nurse in charge.
  • Maintains a safe environment when caring for patients, including those patients requiring frequent levels of monitoring.
  • Monitors all patient care and treatment, maintaining high standards and quality at all times.

Job Openings for Nurses in UK

Job openings for Nurses in UK: The basic requirements for Nurse jobs in UK for Indian Nurses:

  • Nursing qualifications - Bachelor's Degree or equivalent in Nursing.
  • Certificate of Registration with Nursing Council.
  • English Language Proficiency - IELTS with minimum score of 7 or OET with B grade.
  • Minimum 6 months of work Experience (Preferred).

Nursing Jobs in London for Indian

5 Best Paid Nursing Jobs in UK

5--Best Paid Nursing Jobs in UK. Best paid International Nurse jobs in UK with better pay scale are Paediatric Nurse, Psychiatric Mental Health Nurse, Cardiac Nurse, Neonatal ICU Nurse, Staff Nurse Practitioner. These Nurses in UK is paid an average of 28450 GBP to 37808 GBP per annum.

Nurse Jobs in UK

Nurse Jobs in UK. Nurse jobs in UK for a foreign nurse with aspirations for the nursing career starts with Ventura Nursing Jobs website is the ultimate partner in securing nursing positions across the UK. understands the unique challenges foreign nurses face when seeking nursing job opportunities abroad. Our dedicated platform is designed to simplify your journey, offering tailored solutions that ensure you find the perfect nursing role in the UK that matches your skills and ambitions.

We provide the following services to find a Nursing Job in UK for Foreigners;

  • Extensive Job Listings.
  • Simplified Application Process.
  • Tailored Opportunities to begin your Nursing employment career in UK as a foreign national. 

Nursing Jobs in UK for International Nurses

Nursing Jobs in UK for International Nurses. International nurse with a passion for healthcare Nursing careers in the United Kingdom have best opportunities to work in NHS Hospitals across UK. 

Securing nursing jobs in the UK as an international candidate might be a big task, with the support from Ventura, made it easy for international nurses for the positions across the UK.



For Midwifery Nurse : Nurse must have a MSc. Degree in Midwifery

For Psychiatry Nurse: Nurse must have a MSc. Degree in Psychiatry

For General Nurse : Nurse must have a Diploma or a B.Sc in Nursing

Nurse Job Listings for London UK

Nurse Job Listings for London UK

Job Title: Ward Nurse

Location: London United Kingdom

Salary: 22000 GBP- 35000 GBP per annum

Job Type: Permanent

Ref: Medicop1101

Free Nurses Recruitment to UK

Free Nurses Recruitment to Uk. Free recruitment for qualified Nurses with a passion of working abroad, This is the chance to fly abroad and explore cultures with healthcare jobs.

registered nurse jobs in united kingdom
Nursing Jobs in Uk

UK Job Vacancies in Nursing / Midwifery

UK Job Vacancies in Nursing/Midwifery. Nursing and midwifery job vacancies in the United Kingdom offer an exciting and rewarding opportunity for healthcare professionals. With a advanced healthcare system, a commitment to patient care, and a wide range of medical specialties, the UK provides best environment for nurses and midwives to excel in their careers. Job vacancies in this field covers from critical care units and surgical wards to community healthcare and midwifery services.

NURSES Thinking about your career? apply for Nurse jobs in UK: Link 

Staff Nurse Job Vacancy UK

Staff Nurse job vacancy UK. Staff Nurse Job Vacancies / duties and responsibilities to promote professional practice, caring environment, personal centred care. 

  • Candidate should be a registered Nurse with staff nurse position.
  • Qualification: B Sc Nursing / Degree in reputed institution.
  • Experience: 1 Year
  • Duty: Full Time
  • Staff Nurse Salary Band:  £30000 -  £40000 per annum.

Apply Now: Link

Opportunities for Registered Nurses in UK

Opportunities for registered nurses in UK. Opportunities for registered nurses includes assisting with endoscopic procedures, caring patient receiving moderate sedation, recovery process, nurses educating patient and their families. collaborate with other nurses team to deliver complex, safe, and efficient care to patients. and function in a collaborative environment.

How to apply for Nursing Jobs in UK

How to apply for Nursing jobs in UK. Applying for Nursing role requires the following;

1. Have you Undergone Objective structured clinical examination (OSCE) Test

2. Do you have care certificate or equivalent 

3. Have you passed the Computer Based Test (CBT)

4. Have you passed the English Language Test approved by NMC

5. NMC Registration

These are the qualifications / requirements to apply for Nursing jobs in NHS UK

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Nurse Job Advertising in UK

Nurse Job Advertising in UK. Registered Nurse Band 5 with Salary £24000 - £30000

Living and working in Wales

Exciting job opportunities for Enthusiastic Band 5 Nurses with experience to join in team.

Working within the hospital community in Wales.

The candidate will be a registered nurse with NMC.

Applicant will be registered with PVG (Protective Vulnerable Group) Scheme.

For further information please contact us..

Nurse Job Description UK

Nurse Job Description UK

Job Title: General Nurse

Location: London UK

Salary: 24000GBP - 32000GBP per annum

Job Type: Permanent 

Ref: Medp1210

Nursing career abroad | Nursing jobs in UK

Nursing career abroad. Nursing jobs in UK.

Registered Nurse Careers in UK

Registered Nurse Careers. How to apply for Registered Nurse Jobs in UK. Visit the website, select the job location, nursing position and apply for registered nurses jobs in United Kingdom.

I am not just a Nurse, I am providing exceptional healthcare that improves their health and wellbeing.

Nursing Jobs Near Me

Nursing Jobs near me. International Nurse jobs in uk at NHS Hospitals near you...

Nurse Jobs in UK - FAQs

Nurse Jobs in UK - FAQs


United Kingdom is a Sovereign state, the country incudes Great Briton and Northern Ireland. The UK provides public healthcare to all the permanent residents. The healthcare facility is free and collected in general taxation.


The National Health Service (NHS) is responsible for public healthcare sector in UK. NHS UK includes National Health Services (England), National Health Services (Wales) and NHS Scotland. UK's NHS Healthcare system is one of the efficient in the world.


Why UK? Advantages for Nurses working in UK: 

- Job Security. NHS will provide job security and long term contract.

- Higher Salary Pay. Based on their skills, ability and responsibilities, Nurses can earn higher salaries.

- wide range of career options. 

- Flexible work schedules: 

- Relocate with Families:

- Free OSCE Exam preparation: Free training for overseas nurses to prepare for OSCE exam to register in NMC.

 PROCESS TO GO TO UK: One must be a B.Sc / Diploma holder in Nursing with at least 1 year experience in home country. Complete the IELTS / OET Test for English skills. Apply for Nursing Jobs in UK. Qualify for OSCE exam for  NMC Registration and Start your career as a Registered Nurse in NHS UK Hospitals.

UK Nursing Journey Starts Here

UK Nursing Journey Starts Here. Be ready for fulfilling nursing career in the UK with Ventura Nursing Jobs by your side. Join our platform and discover a world of possibilities of Nursing Jobs waiting for you. Let us be your bridge to new Nurse Job experiences, professional growth, and a vibrant NHS nursing community in the United Kingdom. Start your journey today at and take the first step towards your dream UK nursing job.

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