ICU Nurses are critical care practitioners who  deliver holistic, patient care through integration of theoretical knowledge, clinical skills and practice. ICU Nurse collaboratively and effectively in a multidisciplinary team within the unit and hospital.


ICU Nurse deliver care within a sound ethical and legal framework, demonstrate accountability for their actions and fulfil the role of patient and familyadvocate. Intensive care unit nurse demonstrate advanced problem solving, communication skills and critical thinking. ICU Nurse provide safe and quality care and management of complex, critically ill patients.

ICU Nurse Duties:


Performs as a nurse anesthetist for a broad range of types of operations.

-  Reviews clinical chart and recommends specific type of general anesthesia.

-  Interviews patients to discuss type of anesthesia to be used and to reassure patient.

-  Administers general anesthetics by inhalation, endotracheal intubation, intravenously or topically; induces anesthesia to proper state of narcosis; and manages throughout prolonged surgery.

-  Determines need for and administers parenteral fluids, including plasma and blood, setting up solutions and maintaining proper flow.

-  Administers stimulants as directed by surgeon.

-  Assists in post-anesthesia care.