Medical & Surgical Ward Nurses

Medical & Surgical Ward Nurses. Medical and Surgical Ward Nurses are one of the best paid Nursing jobs in UK, provides direct care to patient suffering from injury or illnesses. Med/Surge Nurses effectively interact with the patient while maintaining the standards of professional nursing. Attending for needs of the patients who are preparing or recovering from surgery. Medical and Surgical ward nurses should assess, evaluate the health conditions. Med/Surge RN should be well versed with the variety of patient health conditions. 


Medical-surgical nurses apply high-level skills, as well as compassion and commitment, to care for patients in a broad range of settings, from hospitals to communities to battlefields. They care for patients who are being treated for cancer, heart disease, diabetes, and many other acute and chronic illnesses. Medical-surgical nurses are also influential advocates, leaders, educators, and researchers. Through multi-media platforms, help give nurses a voice in making a positive impact on the health care industry.

Medical and Surgical Ward Nurses Jobs in NHS UK

Medical and Surgical Ward Nurse Job Vacancies for NHS UK with minimum of one year experience in Med/Surge department. Skills related to Medical and Surgical Ward Nurse.

Medical & Surgical Ward Nurse Roles and Responsibilities

Medical and Surgical ward nurse roles and responsibilities are; 

- coordinating with healthcare team members, assess, plan and implement patient care pans.

- prepare and manage patient's medical records.

- educate patients on surgical procedures.

- monitoring patient conditions and record electronic values.

- prepare and examine the patient for surgery / treatment.

- any other duties assigned.