Mental Health Nurse Jobs

Mental Health Nurses Jobs. Work in nursing homes, long-term care facilities and community health organizations. They also work with elderly patients in their homes. mental health nurse needs to be able to assess the physical component of the patient’s health. This is a major issue in the co-morbidity area with issues like diabetes, hypertension and a number of other common disorders. generalist nurses with competencies in mental health nurses that are needed for practice, it is reasonable to consider that these competencies still reflect standards of practice and nursing actions required to meet these standards as well.


Trained mental health Nurses has growing demand. Far more individuals are in need of care and support for a wide range of mental health conditions – including depression, anxi- ety, acute grief, drug or alcohol addiction, personality disorders, and psychoses – than can access a mental health professional.

Mental Health Nurse Jobs in UK

Mental Health Nurse Jobs in NHS UK. Role, scope, standards of Psychiatric mental health nurses include providing full range of primary mental health services, biopsychosocial assessment, diagnose patients mental illness etc. Mental Health Nurse jobs include treatment modalities,  medication management.

Mental Health Nurse Duties

Mental Health Nurse Duties:


Performs the full range of nursing care required to motivate and redirect the behavior of psychiatric patients.

-  May rotate on all shifts through all wards.

-  Works closely with other members of the total treatment team in the formulation of the total care plan for patients.

-  Provides comprehensive nursing care for any type of psychiatric patient.

-  Observes patients closely, evaluating and recording any significant behavior and reaction patterns for psychiatrist's or team's use in reevaluation of treatment plan.

-  Participates in group therapy sessions with patients.

-  Maintains appropriate records.

-  Administers prescribed medication.