Paediatric Nurse Jobs

Paediatric Nurse Jobs. Paediatric Nursing Jobs include practice with Children and young people. A Paediatric (Child) Nurse Specialist is a professional nurse who has obtained a Graduate degree qualification in child nursing science. The paediatric nurse specialist is a resource person for staff, other healthcare providers and the child. The Paediatric Nurse Specialist is a change agent with advanced knowledge and skills to put into practice, as well as a researcher for evidence-based practice and a Children's nurse consultant for a child and the multidisciplinary team. She is the last in the continuum of specialised child nursing. The focus is on preventive and promotive healthcare.

Paediatric Nurse Jobs in UK

Paediatric Nurse Jobs in NHS UK. Nurse midwives assist in labor and delivery and provide gynecological exams, family planning services, and prenatal care to women.

Children's / Paediatric Nurse Duties:


Provides care in essentially normal cases for a group of mothers and babies throughout the maternity cycle within the framework of a medically directed health service.

-  Manages the care of normal antepartum women including teaching, counseling and support.

-  Takes health history, and performs and records the obstetrical physical evaluation.

-  Evaluates and reviews findings with the physician and expectant mother.

-  Manages labor, including teaching and support.

-  Performs the following procedures: starts intravenous infusions; administers analgesia according to standing orders; performs local anesthesia; manages and controls normal spontaneous deliveries but does not perform forcep deliveries; records the labor and delivery; and signs and completes birth certificate.