Theatre Nurse Jobs

Theatre Nurse Job role was not considered by many to be conducive to the development of good communication skills.  Good communication with theatre colleagues, the multidisciplinary team, and other departments is vital to achieve technical excel- lence and individualised, holistic patient care.

Today theatre nurses are required to have a holistic, truly patient-centred approach to care before, during and after the patient’s surgical experience.  Roles for theatre nurses, such as surgeon’s assistant and carrying out minor operations, are common therefore increasing the need for nurses to provide pre- operative and postoperative information and health advice. The provision of postoperative information and advice will lessen patients’ anxiety and feelings of vulnerability.

Theatre Nurse Jobs in UK

Theatre Nurse Jobs in NHS UK. Theatre Nurses should remember that any operation, from minor planned procedures to major emergency operations, is an anxious time for most patients. Theatre Nurse Job includes good communication, especially the use of open questioning techniques and active listening with patients and their families or friends can help to address any fears and ease tensions, which in turn is beneficial to postoperative recovery.

Theatre Nurse Duties

Theatre Nurse Duties:


Provides nursing service for operations ranging from those involving less complex surgical procedures, for example, appendectomies, to those involving complex and extensive surgical procedures, for example, orthopedic or thoracic operations.

-  Confers with surgeons concerning instruments, sutures, prosthesis, and special equipment.

-  Provides care to patients to meet their physical and psychological needs. This includes helping to transport, lift, move and position the patient.

-  Assists in the care and handling of supplies and equipment including operating tables, lights, electrocautery, suction machines, special instruments, etc.

-  Assures accurate care and handling of specimens.

-  Assumes responsibility for aseptic technique maintenance during procedure, accuracy of sponge counts and adequacy of supplies.